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The Neal Deoul Story

Cancer Courtroom Showdown:

Defendant's Cancer Cure Denies Maryland Attorney General His Victory

(Baltimore) When Maryland Attorney General Joseph Curran charged Neal Deoul, alternative cancer therapy financier, with distributing deceptive promotional literature neither side could predict how personal the battle would become -- or how the public would be the loser when it was over.

In the heat of a 1998 re-election battle Joe Curran grabbed badly needed headlines by accusing` Deoul of participating in "the most egregious case of fraud I have ever seen."

Neal Deoul  

T-UP, Inc. the company Deoul financed, was distributing Cesium and T-UP - an aloe vera concentrate - each a natural dietary supplement, to battle cancer and AIDs. And though the attorney general had never received a single consumer complaint, and T-UP, Inc. had testimonials from hundreds of consumers who claimed life changing results, Deoul and T-UP became a convenient target.

But then the unexpected struck in January of 1999. As the case against Deoul unfolded in court, Deoul himself was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer.

It was a shocking and ironic development that would put courtroom testimony about alternative cancer therapy to the ultimate test -- and expose how badly tilted the scales of justice can be in the so-called "war against cancer."

While prosecutors and defense attorneys battled, Deoul quietly and confidently turned to Cesium & T-UP concentrated aloe, his own products, for treatment of his prostate cancer.

His doctors were shocked. They protested loudly and predicted the worst if Deoul continued to refuse surgery, radiation and other standard therapies.

Instead, Deoul's PSA plummeted. His condition improved taking his own medicine.


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